Peter Hellberg

My name is Peter Hellberg and I’m a Systems Developer in Stockholm, Sweden.


Switching to vim-plug

I’ve switched to vim-plug, a minimalist Vim plugin manager.

From Go to Pony

Getting to know Pony, an open-source, object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance programming language.

Go and Ruby-FFI

How to write a shared library in Go that can be loaded by Ruby-FFI.

From Go to ooc

Getting to know ooc, a small programming language that compiles to C99.

From Ruby to Lua

Getting to know Lua, a powerful, fast, lightweight, scripting language.

7-Segment Display

How to use Ruby to control a 7-Segment Display (via an Arduino).

Switching to Vundle

I’ve decided to use Vundle the Vim package manager.

Intro to Celluloid

A framework used for concurrent object oriented programming in Ruby.

Elasticsearch in Ruby

A tiny project using the search engine elasticsearch in Ruby.

From Ruby to Go

Getting to know Go, a fun little language from Google.

Tiny API with Nginx

How to build a tiny REST API using Nginx, Memcached and GeoIP.

From Ruby to Lisp

My first steps as a Ruby developer towards learning Lisp.

Goliath and Redis

Getting started with the non-blocking Ruby web server framework Goliath in combination with the advanced key-value store Redis.

Open Source Projects

This is just a few of my projects, you can find more on my GitHub profile.


Parse a RFC3339 duration string into time.Duration.


Generates HTML from API Blueprints using Drafter and Iglo.


Go library for the Hacker News API.


Go library for the Giphy API.


Ruby gem that generates YouTube-like hashes from one or many numbers.


Parsing your humans.txt into JSON.


Retrieve a file from inside a zip file, over the network! Pretty sweet, eh?

CoffeeScript Cookbook

CoffeeScript recipes for the community by the community.


Introduction to The Go Programming Language

A quick look at Go and what makes it special.

Introduction to Digital Photography

A few pointers on how to take better photos.

Pinch - Some crazy HTTP ZIP Magic

The inner workings of Pinch.

RubyGems - A quick intro

A quick introduction to making your own RubyGems.


My rates start at 1000 SEK per hour + Swedish taxes

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