Peter Hellberg

My name is Peter Hellberg and I’m a Systems Developer in Stockholm, Sweden.


From Go to Zig

Getting to know Zig, a general-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software.

Switching to vim-plug

I’ve switched to vim-plug, a minimalist Vim plugin manager.

From Go to Pony

Getting to know Pony, an open-source, object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance programming language.

Go and Ruby-FFI

How to write a shared library in Go that can be loaded by Ruby-FFI.

From Go to ooc

Getting to know ooc, a small programming language that compiles to C99.

From Ruby to Lua

Getting to know Lua, a powerful, fast, lightweight, scripting language.

7-Segment Display

How to use Ruby to control a 7-Segment Display (via an Arduino).

Switching to Vundle

I’ve decided to use Vundle the Vim package manager.

Intro to Celluloid

A framework used for concurrent object oriented programming in Ruby.

Elasticsearch in Ruby

A tiny project using the search engine elasticsearch in Ruby.

From Ruby to Go

Getting to know Go, a fun little language from Google.

Tiny API with Nginx

How to build a tiny REST API using Nginx, Memcached and GeoIP.

From Ruby to Lisp

My first steps as a Ruby developer towards learning Lisp.

Goliath and Redis

Getting started with the non-blocking Ruby web server framework Goliath in combination with the advanced key-value store Redis.

Open Source Projects

This is just a few of my projects, you can find more on my GitHub profile.


Convenience package for dealing with graphics in my pixel drawing experiments.


A Go package for the ACR122U USB NFC Reader.


Generates HTML from API Blueprints using Drafter and Iglo.


Ruby gem that generates YouTube-like hashes from one or many numbers.


Retrieve a file from inside a zip file, over the network! Pretty sweet, eh?


Graphics in Go

Presentation containing a (small) selection of my graphics experiments.

Introduction to The Go Programming Language

A quick look at Go and what makes it special.

Introduction to Digital Photography

A few pointers on how to take better photos.

Pinch - Some crazy HTTP ZIP Magic

The inner workings of Pinch.


My rates start at 1000 SEK per hour + Swedish taxes

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